R2 / small

R2 small combines an elegant wooden base with a glass globe made of molten glass heated up to approximately 1,300 degrees Celsius, rolled on a pipe, and blown up mouth. Each glass globe is carefully crafted and has an aesthetic that can only be expressed through mouth-blown glass. The base is machine carved on a wood turner, bringing out warm wood patterns that make you want to touch. The base is available in walnut or oak.

size : φ170 / H315 / 1.4kg
color : grey+walnut, grey+oak, brown+walnut, brown+oak, opal+walnut, opal+oak
material : glass, brass, wood
lamp : E17 40W

  • color : grey+walnut

  • color : grey+oak

  • color : brown+walnut

  • color : brown+oak

  • color : opal+walnut

  • color : opal+oak